Postcard as a visually consumption format for long hair from Black Gold -The Longhair Project- [2019]

collage, lenticular print, limited edition 50

◾︎Black Gold -The Longhair Project-

The main theme is woman’s hair. I focus on that meaning for herself and others.
The process of this work is the woman shaves her long hair at Tirumala in India and then move to London and get human hair extension on her head. The woman is myself. I did this project as a performance and a new rite of passage for Japanese. India is makes up an important share of human hair business. And it is comes from temples. People shave their hair as the offering to a god. And then shaved hair is sold at a hight price in Europe. It is the ring of the beauty of a female running by male. I will be a part of this ring using my body. Even if each country is leaning toward right-wing populism due to the reaction of globalization, we believe that problems caused by gender can be shared across walls. On account of religious reasons, social status, and to become slaves for economic consumption, there are women all over the world who do not have the right to make decisions on their bodies. This work is one of the attempts to return the body to herself.

The postcard was made based on an art project called Black Gold that I have done in India. I made two different images and you can see both on one side by lenticular print. The concept came from Kitsch or CAMP by Susan Sontag, it was designed for the primary purpose of focused on Excessive decoration. It expresses the concept “objectified woman” which is the opposite of the video installation produced from same art project.