Kaai Ogaya is an artist.
She was born and raised in Kyoto and moved to Tokyo in 2012.
Her work gives us a narrative that allows us to connect to voiceless beings
who have been historically unimportant or have been instilled with distorted perceptions.

Her interests and explorations of human stupidity are inextricably linked to her interests in human dignity.
Until her late twenties, she never doubted that she, as a woman,
should be included in this “human” because she thought of herself as an honorable man.
She was immersed in the contemporary art world created and dominated by Western men.
But it was also contemporary art that woke me up from her inherent illusion of honorable men and the resulting misogyny.
So now, she can consider human dignity including the voiceless people who were supposed to be invisible.
When you turn an idea into a work of art, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a Western context.
She is to try to combine the physical sensibility of her Asian roots and the intelligence of a modern world citizen in a beautiful form.

Kaai has been part of exhibitions, and talking events around Japan.
She also started her career overseas by AIR in India and joined the exhibition in Germany.