The Rope Lug[2021]

size :  The diameter of this work is 1.2 metres (variable)
materials : Old clothes, Sewing Thread


short video『償いのDIY』 (3:49)
shooting and editing : Kaai Ogaya

“Gomennasai” means “I’m sorry” in Japanese.
“Kechürüng” means “I’m sorry” in Uyghurs.

After a certain company’s report of The Uyghurs cotton, she can not throw away her clothes. Because it is possible these clothes are connected with that problem.
At the same time she needed to buy a lug for her room. Also this lug must have been cheap and made in China if she bought it. So, these guilty clothes are transformed into a rope lug by her own hands. She is not interested in DIY, which is just fashion. This action is truly self supply and demand. It contains criticisms of deceptive SDGs.
SDGs in Japan is a new business and hobby for posh people.

Think about where your clothes come from, why it is so cheap, why you have to buy it without other options.