The Long Life Performance [2017~]


“Long Life Performance” とは作家が二十九歳より始め、閉経に至るまで毎月行われるものである。
月経の際に服用する生理痛緩和薬の数と同等のページ数の小説を読み進めることが出来る。 その際の小説は作家自身の母より選出された次の二点とする。
一、三浦綾子著 『母』
二、フランスカヴァリエ著 『神様が忘れた娘』

The Long Life Performance

Menstruation, a biological function unique to female bodies, often comes with pain and causes hormone imbalances. I personally find it hard to cope without my monthly dosage of painkillers. How many pills will I have to swallow before menopause kicks in? Will there somehow be any redemption at the end of all these physical and mental agony? So I decided, to add a cherry on top to this absurd outrage. “Long Life Performance” is a monthly action carried out by me since the age of 29. Its end will be marked by the start of my menopause. I will be reading the exact same number of pages from novels below as the number of painkillers I swallow every month.
The novels have been selected by my mother;
1: “Mother” by Ayako Miura
2: “L’oubliee de Dieu” by France Cavalie
“I may never become a mother myself, yet I will beget a piece that connects my mother and I, every time I spit my monthly blood”